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The Oriental artifact that even Phelps was conquered was "he"...
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Xinhua Rio DE janeiro on August 8, sports - 7, "flying fish" there are several purple marks the right shoulder and back, this is not what the new tattoo, but Phelps "cupping" left "trace". That is our traditional cupping left! Also on behalf of kang wish cupping to help the Olympics!

After winning the men's 4x100m freestyle relay, Phelps explained to a group of curious foreign journalists the beauty of cupping. "I've been cupping for some time. I feel a little sore before the game was pulled out the first time, before I have never had such a cupping therapy when black (purple) printing, the marks appear to me the best place in pain.

At the Rio Olympics, cupping was no longer the sole "secrets" athletes, many foreign athletes also found that the unique charm of this ancient Chinese therapy, have become a cupping "fans".

The United States gymnasts nadu and cupping were joined by China for the south ning world championships in 2014. He told the reporter that when a friend took him to cupping, he felt great, and he kept insisting that the cupping also became a necessary weapon in his game and training. He says that gymnastics often makes his shoulders hurt, and cupping therapy is very effective.

Nadu says his cupping tool was bought from amazon for only $15. "it's really worth the money. Cupping is the secret of my health for a year.

The BBC specialising in a programme explaining why athletes are "wearing a big, dark red print". Reuters has carefully studied the efficacy of cupping therapy, which includes removing toxins, promoting blood flow, alleviating pain and even insomnia.

In China, cupping therapy has a long history and simple operation. Many families have their own cans of cupping, and a few jars when they feel a little sore.

So the question is: how do foreigners discover China's miraculous medical skill?

As the saying goes, "ten, ten, even the athletes of the moment are using our traditional Chinese cupping device, which is so charming!"

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