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Medical Bandages (Foaming Protectors)
Product description

    KangZhu Medical Bandages (Foaming Protectors) consist of fixation belt, Velcro (situated on the same side or on the opposite sides), elastic band, sponge pad. This product is suitable for patients with joints or back problems, it can tighten, fix and limit the movement of injured parts, relieve pain. Auxiliary treatment in case of injury.


Product Features

①Material advantage - high-quality imported raw materials

②Design advantage –designed by Japanese specialists, scientific approach

Technology advantage- three-dimensional knitting technology

④Equipment advantage - German production line

⑤KangZhu Protector series advantage – complex treatment of different joints

Product advantages

Scientific approach, ergonomic design.

Open brace design, Velcro design, hole design.

Fashionable design, pure black colour, popular European models, simple, suitable for  sports.

Light, thin, good fit, can be bent naturally, close to the body, gives more protection to the joints.

360-degree protection, breathable material.   Soft and comfortable edges, universal edge width, accurate stitches.

Seamless border, strong, tensile.

 Produced on German equipment: weaving density, strength, softness, body fit, effective protection.