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Infrared thermometer
Product description

Kang Zhu infrared thermometer the infrared ray emitted by collecting the human body, through the electronic components of complex processing and various compensation correction, accurately measure the body temperature and displayed on the screen. The thermometer itself does not emit any energy, which is passive measurement and has no side effects.

A second rapid temperature measurement, the baby will not cry

Backlight can be used in the dark

The temperature is more convenient

Milk temperature, water temperature, room temperature are random

Safety and hygiene, no need to contact


Product Features

1.Quick temperature measurement, one second

2.Broadcast is convenient

3.Accurate fast

4.Safety, hygiene

5.Multi-function recombination

6.Fever warning


Product advantages

1.Non-contact temperature measurement

2.Safety, sanitation, radiation free

3.Avoid cross infection

4.Convenience and use

5.Can measure human body, object and liquid